What do we really want for ourselves??

             After I watched a few episodes ofSex and the city’ just one thing I couldn’t help but wondered what men really want from women. ( Right after I wondered why I didn’t watch this series before. Haha….) Is it sex? Is it just company? Or is it something much more?

While I enjoyed watching each episodes, I couldn’t help but noticed Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda went out with man after man. Yet they couldn’t find the right ones for a long time. Is it because they are too picky?  Or is it just the guys’ fault?  I couldn’t understand if ladies are having impossibly ridiculous standards or most men are just not ready to settle or compromise.

I also noticed relationships nowadays are more about sex than love in general. Not only most of us are too afraid to be alone but also we are too afraid to compromise and be loyal to someone. Especially when we like are 20-somethings, we think we are too rock n’ roll to be tied down.  LOL!

              Then in our 30s, we start thinking about what we really want from our partners.  Although men don’t really have a problem, we women have to think about a lot of things such as our age, the ideal man, the menopause window, etc.  After being picky for a long time, many of us settle for less just because we don’t want to be alone and too ashamed to be called ‘Single’.  Just become satisfied  by being a housewife mostly.  If we truly love the person we’re with, sure! But if we are not….

             Are we okay with just that??  What happened to our dreams?? Have you ever started thinking like I’m not where I wanted to be but now I just have to put up with my marriage and the kids??  Are we truly happy??